2014 Submissions

Subscript(WIP)-QUADX Ambient Song
Man on the Run(Preview)-QUADX Techno Song
You There(wip)-quadx Indie Song
Entrare-QUADX Ambient Song
Surface World-QUADX Techno Song
Oot(dub Remix)wip-quadx Dubstep Song
End Game-QUADX House Song
Legend-QUADX House Song
Something-QUADX Classical Song
Not My Style-QUADX Dance Song
#4 (WIP)-QUADX Indie Song
Ocean-QUADX Indie Song
Influence-QUADX Techno Song

2012 Submissions

Heaven Somewhere-QUADX Trance Song
Gradual Loss of Reality-QUADX Classical Song
Facekick-QUADX Dubstep Song
WHAT?!-QUADX Dubstep Song
Broken-QUADX Trance Song
Losing You-QUADX Indie Song
Bad Trip-QUADX Trance Song
Project3-QUADX Drum N Bass Song
Spinning Webs Wip-quadx Trance Song
Second Try-QUADX Dubstep Song
So Low-QUADX Dubstep Song
Forever Alone-QUADX Classical Song
Limits-QUADX Trance Song
Out of Time Remix-QUADX Techno Song
Energy-QUADX Dance Song
Fix This-QUADX Techno Song
Safety-QUADX Drum N Bass Song
Tristan's Song Ambient Song
FLC Techno Song